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Cadbury Day of Action

First Saturday in October!

Thank you to all who took part in our Day of Action! If you have any photos or videos of your event, please let us know! Low-res photos can be sent to:, along with any links to videos online (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). And don't forget that materials are still available and we encourage everyone to keep spreading the word! So keep on door-dropping, holding demos, and getting the "Death by Chocolate" message out there.

How to join us: You can hold a stall, door drop leaflets in your neighbourhood, fundraise, donate to our campaign and anything else you can think to help spread the word for us!

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Death by Chocolate

As you may know, we’ve been working hard at investigating the disturbing and every day abuses and mindless death in the dairy industry - and now it’s the time to get vocal about it.

Our investigators have been on numerous dairy farms that supply confectionery giant Cadbury. They’ve seen first-hand, that despite the myth of contentment, dairy cows are the hardest worked of all farmed animals. She nurtures a growing baby inside her while simultaneously producing unnaturally high quantities of milk - up to 50 litres at a time. To keep the flow going, she is forcibly impregnated every year and her babies are taken away a day or two after birth - year after year.

And what become of the babies that have been taken away? The females will replace the ‘spent’ dairy cows - exhausted after 3 or 4 years, up to 17 years before their natural life is over. The males will get sold for veal, pet food production or - as we filmed - get shot just for being the wrong sex. One hundred thousand male calves each year get shot (or killed in another manner) or are dead at birth. That means in the last decade a million male calves have died unnecessarily, all for the production of milk and dairy products.

Can you help?

We’re asking all our supporters, and all those against this senseless cycle of slaughter, to get active and spread the word.

We’ve produced some great leaflets for you to use. You can hold a stall, door drop your neighbourhood, fundraise, donate to our campaign and anything else you can think to help spread the word for us! We need to let the public in on the dairy industry’s dirty little secrets.

Order your leaflets now!

Download Death by Chocolate Cadbury leaflet


See the PDF version of our Cadbury leaflet




Fancy holding a demo?

To create something visually grabbing to the public, we’re asking people to re-enact the shooting of a male calf in their demos. It just needs one person dressing up as a farmer (straw hat, check shirt and wellies would do it!) and one as a calf. We can provide calf masks, fake ‘guns’ (if using/making your own, they need to be very obviously fake, so not even a replica toy gun from a toy store!) and a boiler suit instead of a farmer costume if needed - and there will be eye-catching posters to draw people in as well.

If you'd like to order a bigger amount of leaflets and a demo pack, please email