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Scary Dairy Week of Action


We're organising Scary Dairy Week of Action, 21-28 August, 2017 to raise awareness of the heartbreaking reality of dairy cows and calves but also to show people how easy and healthy it is to ditch dairy. And to make the switch easier, we're offering a range of free materials!

Please consider taking part - if it's just you, handing out just a few leaflets or posting them through letterboxes is valuable outreach OR if you have a bunch of friends to help you, why not organise an information stall* and distribute free guides and posters too? Find your local group

We want to keep our outreach positive so think along the lines of handing out our materials outside coffee shops encouraging people to try dairy-free options, getting a couple of tubs of vegan ice cream for your stall and giving out samples in minicups to passers-by or simply door dropping our leaflets.

Viva! is based in Bristol and we'll be doing dairy-free ice cream tasting in the centre on 21 August. If you're thinking of organising a stall during the Week of Action, we'd like to encourage you to do the same - it's easy, positive, low-budget and draws attention!

*If you'd like to organise an information stall, please choose the 'stall pack' option below and submit the form. Before we send you the pack, we'll email you so you have all the essential information first and can make sure you're comfortable with organising a stall.