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Mother's Week of Action

Britain’s hardest working mums…

They need your support this Mother’s Day – and every other day.

On Mother’s Day, we show appreciation for all the hard work, love and care our mothers have shown us over the years. But there are millions of mothers who can never express these nurturing instincts because their babies are snatched away from them after birth. They need your help.

11 March, 2018 is Mother’s Day.

The week leading up to it, 5-11 March, is Viva!'s Week of Action for the hardest working mothers.

Here’s how you can take part:


1. Help us spread the message and join our door dropping team

We can send a pack of leaflets for distributing in your neighbourhood. Order your leaflets online or call us on 0117 944 1000. 

*Order before 12pm on 7 March (Wednesday) to get your leaflets in time! If you miss this deadline, you can still order your leaflets later for distribution after Mother's Day.




2. Why not organise a local event?

Whether it’s handing out leaflets, holding an information stall or turning yourself into the picture perfect hard working mother (which proved to be very popular a last time we did it), you’ll help show people who the hardest working mothers in Britain are! Watch a short video from our demo.

If you want to hold a local event, we’ll send you a pack including leaflets and posters to use. Even an hour of your time will make a huge difference – and local press coverage can reach even more. However, all we ask is you do what you’re comfortable with – and we’ll provide advice at every step of the way. To order your materials, email Liam – – or call us on 0117 944 1000.


3. If you use social media (Facebook, Twitter), change your cover picture to our Hardest Working Mother image and your profile picture to our Scary Dairy logo (available to download below) to show your support and solidarity.


Profile picture download


Facebook cover

Right click and save the image below or click the link below the image to download.

Mothers Day Facebook Viva

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Twitter cover

Right click and save the image below or click the link below the image to download.

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4. Go dairy-free! It's easier than you think!

Pledge to go dairy-free for at least a month and help us get the counter spinning! To get a daily email for a month, full of useful tips and guidance, sign up to our new 30 Day Vegan program - Go to

And for more information see our fact sheet, vegan nutrition basics and our 100% dairy-free recipe website.


5. Ask your favourite cafe to provide more dairy-free options.

Send a letter or an email to their customer care department (you can find a sample letter here) or simply ask. The very basic option should be soya milk but many shops still need reminding!


6. Donate towards our campaigns and investigations. We need your help to continue our work towards a kinder and healthier future.




            Thank you!





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