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Soya Milk

Soya milk is amazingly versatile and one of the best for tea, coffee and cereal. It has the highest in protein content out of all the milks (about 3g per 100g… the same protein content as cow’s milk). Soya is naturally high in essential fatty acids, proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals, lowers cholesterol and may reduce the risk of breast cancer. 

It’s creamy in texture and is very good for tea and coffee. It’s best to wait for the water to cool down a bit before adding the milk or you can get curdling. Soya milk comes in a variety of brands, flavours, sweetened, unsweetened and is widely available in supermarkets, independent health food shops, online, restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and even small, local shops. It's great to drink from the glass, to use in hot drinks, smoothies, cooking (it can be used in place of cow's milk in any recipe and is stable at high temperatures). 

There are a lot of myths around soya so have a look at our Viva! Health pages as they debunk some of the scare mongering stories!

Here are some of our top soya milks...

Bonsoy is our top posh soya milk. It's a bit more expensive but it's amazing quality, doesn't curdle, froths really well and tastes delicious! It's a favourite amongst baristas.
Aldi offer two budget soya milks in sweetened and unsweetened and only costs 59p! They are creamy and taste pretty good too.
Alpro have one of the widest ranges of soya milks as they come in all kinds of flavours, organic, sweetened, unsweetened, wholebean, large and small (kid's size). They are available in all the supermarkets, online and in independent health food shops.
Provamel unsweetened is our favourite healthy soya milk as it's reasonably priced, no added sugar, organic and very few ingredients (only organic soya beans and water).
It's Alpro again! They do a wide range of flavoured soya milks which are really popular with kids. They also come in mini cartons which are great for lunchboxes!
All of the supermarkets offer their own brand of soya milk including sweetened and unsweetened. Most of them are pretty good quality, even the budget options. The cheapest available are Aldi, Lidl, Tesco Value (59p). All of the rest are around £1 each or slightly less.
The Asda soya milks are vegan apart from their banana, strawberry and chocolate flavours. Hopefully this will change soon!

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If you'd like a paper copy, please order it here.


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