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Ice Cream Fans

There is an abundance of delicious vegan ice cream out there nowadays! All of the supermarkets have at least one offering but most have several and some have started making their own brand. Most people can't tell the difference in taste between dairy and non-dairy ice creams and many of the vegan versions are more exciting and even tastier! Here are our favourites...

Booja Booja offer a high quality, organic, award-winning range of ice creams in a variety of flavours including ginger, chocolate, vanilla, maple pecan, coconut, chocolate salted caramel, hazelnut chocolate truffle, caramel pecan praline and they're all DELICIOUS! They can be found in independent health food shops and some major supermarkets.
We cannot get enough of the Ben & Jerry's new dairy-free ice creams! The flavours include fudge brownie, peanut butter & cookies and banana, chocolate & walnut (Chunky Monkey) and they can be found in major supermarkets... we even found some in a little, local Tesco!
These Miiro ice cream sticks are just incredible and almost healthy! Low in calories, made with raw cacao and sweetened with grapes but you'd never know... they're delicious! Buy them from independent health food shops and online.
The new M&S ice creams are divine! Caramel chocolate sticks and vanilla caramel ice cream with the usual M&S quality... need we say more?
Whole Creations Little Kings chocolate or almond mini sticks are a favourite with kids (and adults too!)... creamy ice cream and tasty chocolate... a definite winner!
Tesco offer two flavours of ('Cornetto' like) ice cream cones in toffee & vanilla and strawberry & vanilla which are yuuummy!
Just in case you missed it, Cornetto now do a dairy-free cone and we think it's great! Available in most major supermarkets so it should be easy to get your hands on!
The Coconut Collaborative offer some frozen yoghurts in a variety of yummy flavours but our favourite are these chocolate dipped snowconut sticks!
We love Swedish Glace ice creams! They come in a variety of flavours, they're available everywhere and are delicious. The chocolate ice cream sticks are a real winner!!
COYO offer a selection of coconut-based ice creams. If you like coconut yoghurt then you'll love these! Available in independents, online and some supermarkets.
Again, if you're a fan of coconut then you'll love these flavoured frozen yoghurts. Available in independents, online and some supermarkets.
Sainsbury's now offer three delicious frozen ice cream desserts in chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Our favourite is the strawberry flavour!
Alpro offer a great range of tasty ice creams which are available in most of the major supermarkets, some independents and online. They come in three flavours including vanilla, coconut and hazelnut chocolate.

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