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Custard Fiends

Vegan custards are everywhere... and delicious! Even the instant versions are really creamy and tasty. Certain brands are available in every supermarket and there is always a good range in independent health food shops and online. Make sure you check out the chilled and dry free-from sections. Here are some of our favs! 

This is probably the most well-known custard out there and guess what... it's vegan! Just add plant milk and you've got a great custard which is available everywhere. Some of the custards in the Birds range aren't vegan so do check the ingredients.
This one is mm mmm! Organic, instant, creamy... need we say more!? Well apart from the fact it's available in most independents, online and some major supermarkets!
The Alpro instant custard is available in most supermarkets and it's delicious! Just gently heat up and you're good to go!
Oatly products are growing and growing in popularity and their vanilla custard doesn't disappoint! Creamy, thick and tasty it's another winner! Available in some supermarkets, independents and online.
This is an 'all-natural' custard powder, using minimal ingredients and no added sugar. It makes up to 5 pints of custard so great to keep in the cupboard! Creamy and tasty too!

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If you'd like a paper copy, please order it here.