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Cream Allies

Vegan cream has reached an all time high in terms of availability, deliciousness and variety... result! All the major supermarkets have at least one offering and many have several... make sure you check out the chilled and dry free-from sections. There are lots of single creams and thicker whipping versions too... there's even a vegan squirty cream. See our best of the bunch below...

Provamel single cream is a great organic, single, pouring cream and available in most supermarkets, independents and online.
Alpro single cream is made by Provamel and is a really nice single, pouring cream which can be used for cooking, desserts and any other way you fancy! The most widely available vegan cream out there.
Lovely organic, simple ingredients and can be used in a variety of ways. Found in independents and online.
The Oatly single cream is tasty, very pourable and addictive! Can be found in some supermarkets, independents and online.
Just the same as the Oatly original but organic!
This Soyatoo Whip is amazing! Think big squirty cream and you've got it... hot chocolate, fruit, desserts, straight in the mouth...
This is a pourable coconut cream from Alpro which is great for cooking (think Thai curries) but can be used however you like! Found in some major supermarkets, independents and online.
Another lovely coconut pouring cream which is great for cooking! Find in independents and online.
This M&S coconut cream is incredible... thick, creamy, tasty! Find it in their chilled free-from section.
We love this coconut whipping cream! You leave it overnight to chill then empty it out and whip... it creates an amazingly thick whipping cream which you can use alone or mix with icing sugar for a sweet dessert whip. You can use any tinned coconut milk in the same way but you only want the thick creamy layer on the top and not the watery liquid on the bottom (so separate them after chilling).
This Tesco sour cream is great and found in nearly all their stores! See the dry free-from section. Enjoy with nachos and tortillas!
Asda's vegan range is improving all the time and this sour cream doesn't disappoint! It's time to get Mexican...
So creamy, so delicious and so versatile! This is an amazing offering from Oatly... we love! Can be found in independents, some major supermarkets and online.

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If you'd like a paper copy, please order it here.

If you'd like a paper copy, please order it here.


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