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Chocolate Devotees

Chocolate chocolate chocolate! There is so much incredible vegan chocolate we didn't know where to start! From milky to white to dark, fruit filled, nut, kid's, indulgent and just downright delicious, we've got it all covered. There are lot of options available in the supermarkets (including their own ranges), high street shops, independent health food shops, online and of course the best range can be found in the Viva! shop :) 

Arguably the most popular vegan chocolate bar and for good reason! Fine hazelnut paste blended with whole hazelnuts & cocoa cream... need we say more...
Organic, high quality delicious chocolate in a wide range of flavours... all equally delicious we can't choose between them sorry!
Vegan Hero bars... mmmmm! Organic, rice based chocolate in delicious flavours... we love the white almond!
Strawberry waffle white chocolate bar naturally coloured pink thanks to the huge amount of strawberry pieces... is there anything else to say!? Apart from the fact that Vivanni do an amazing range of other vegan flavours (not all of their bars are vegan so do check the label), they're all organic and available in most independents and online.
This has been described as an M&S version of the Vego bar. Milky, creamy, hazelnutty, deliciously chocolatey...
This is one of our favourite chocolates although it comes in at the more expensive end. It's a raw bar but it tastes incredible... vanilla and toffee... healthy and you wouldn't know it!
Think 'Crunchy' bar but a million times better because it's vegan! Cinder toffee and deliciously dark chocolate make this bar irresistible :)
Montezumas has an incredible range of vegan chocolate in a variety of delicious and also unique flavours such as 'black forest gateau.' Do check the label as not all the flavours are vegan. Available in independents, major supermarkets and online.
Raw and made with the finest cacao, these little bars give you a lovely little pick me up and taste great at the same time. All vegan and organic.... makes for a tasty treat. Found in most independents, major supermarkets and online.
Loving the Green & Blacks new Velvet Edition chocolates! The finest quality dark chocolate... somehow they just taste better! Do check the labels as not all of this range is vegan. There are lots of other vegan options in the Green & Blacks range... all great quality and taste.
Ritter Sport marzipan flavour is vegan yipee! Available in supermarkets and online, it's easy to get your hands on some!
Moo Free offers an amazing range of organic, ethically sourced chocolate bars, buttons and kids treats. We really like the crunchy banana bar but to be honest they're all great! Find in most independents, some major supermarkets and online.
Divine is the only chocolate compay in the world which is 100% fair trade and owned by cocoa farmers! Their 70%, 85%, raspberry, mint, fruit & nut, mango & coconut, pear & ginger, hazlenut and dark mint thins are suitable for vegans... yes!
If you fancy a slightly healthier chocolatey treat then these Nakd Posh Bits hit the spot! Made with fruit, nuts and raw cacao you get a fix but without the guilt... win win!
Tesco have a really good range of vegan chocolate! Check out their free-from range for a nice selection of tasty treats :)
Check out Morrison's free-from range as they have a good selection of vegan chocolate. Also look in the regular chocolate aisle for a variety of luxury dark chocolates and the Morrison's dark chocolate orange thins are vegan :)
Sainsbury's have a selection of deliciously vegan dark chocolate... enjoy :)
Asda have a great range of high quality dark chocolate available at all their stores.
We love these Asda Mint Thins and a real bargain at £1.50!
Lidl have a great range of high quality, dark chocolate. We especially like the raspberry flavour... yum!
Also love the Lidl Mint Thins... beating Asda on price at £1.39 a packet!
Aldi offer a good range of high quality, dark chocolates at £1.29 per bar. We really like the chilli flavour!

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If you'd like a paper copy, please order it here.


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