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Vegan cheese (sometimes known as 'Gary'!) gets better all the time. While vegan artisan cheeses are still pretty niche, they are on the cusp of moving into the mainstream. Home-made nut cheeses are pretty easy to make too and very tasty but if that's too much of an effort, there are plenty on offer in the supermarkets and health food shops! Bute Island generally make all of the supermarket own brands which currently supply a wide range for Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda, Ocado and occasionally Lidl. Here are some of our favourites but to be honest it was a tough job choosing as they're all really good now! 

The Tofutti cream cheeses are amazing! They come in a wide range of flavours and are available from most independents, online and now in some supermarkets. If you like cream cheese, also try Violife Creamy, Tesco peppercorn cream cheese and Sainsbury's.
BlueRisella is soft, creamy, delicious and subtly 'blue'. It's available in some independents and online. Other blues we love are Violife, Bute Island and always Nutcrafter!
Violife original slices are really good and can be enjoyed in a burger, sandwich or on their own! They can be found in some supermarkets, independents and online. Other good slices are Tofutti slices, Tesco Red Leicester slices and Sainsbury's Cheddar Style.
Tesco Jalapeno & Chilli cheese alternative is delicious... team up with some chutney and it's the winning combo. Other ones we love are Sainsbury's Wensleydale Style with Cranberry and Sheese Cheddar Style Caramelised Onion.
Violife Mediterranean Style Block is a brilliant 'Halloumi' style... it doesn't melt when you heat it and has a full rich flavour. It tastes best when heated on a griddle! Our other favourite 'Halloumi' style is Nutcrafter Creamery's version... a truly incredible resemblance!
Asda Grated Mozzarella is delicious and melts really well! Perfect for jacket potatoes and anything else melty. We also love Grated Sheese Mild Cheddar Style, Tesco Free-From Grated Mozzarella and Violife for Pizza.
Violife Prosociano Wedge is delicious... a solid, high quality block which can be grated or shaved onto pasta or anything else you fancy. Also can be used in cooking as a 'Parmesan' alternative. We also really like Vegusto No-Moo Piquant and Angel Food Parmesan Alternative.
Love MozzaRisella... it melts really well and tastes amazing! Find it in lots of independents and online. We also really like Daiya Mozzarella Style Shreds, Violife Original, Violife Mozzarella Grated and Sheese Greek Style (sounds strange but it melts really well and tastes great!)... there's also a Sainsbury's version of this one.
Nutcrafter Creamery is the hands down winner! Every cheese in their range is top quality, super delicious and exactly as described. Buy straight from their website
Sainsbury's Greek Style... an unusual choice but melts so well and tastes really nice - also sold by Tesco and Bute Island (Sheese). We also really like Veganic Pizza Melty.
We love Sheese Strong Cheddar Style... full of flavour, easy to find and melts really well! We also really like Violife Organic Slices along with Sheese and Tesco Smoked Cheddar!

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If you'd like a paper copy, please order it here.


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