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There are some fantastic vegan spreads out there which are great for toast, crackers, jacket potato, baking and everything in between. All supermarkets will have at least one vegan spread, usually Pure or Vitalite. Some will also offer Flora dairy-free and many now have their own brand. Our chosen ones for baking are Trex and Pure but you can use all of them interchangeably.  There are some really nice, high quality, organic ranges which can be found in independent health food shops. Try to look for non-hydrogenated as they are softer in texture and lower in calories, saturated fat, trans fat, and total fat. Here are some of our favs! 

Biona offer a high quality range of organic, vegan spreads including coconut, olive and sunflower. We particularly love the olive oil version! Available from independent health food shops and online.
We're loving the new Sainsbury's free-from range and this new spread doesn't disappoint!
Suma do a range of high quality, fortified, vegan spreads in olive, sunflower, soya and organic. They also do larger wholesale tubs. This soya spread is particularly tasty! It can be found in independent health food shops and online.
Everything that Nutcrafter do is amazing! This cashew buttery spread is creamy and super tasty! Available in some independent health food shops and online.
Flora offer three types of vegan spread in their Flora Freedom range. The one which is most readily available is the 'original' version and can be found in most supermarkets. They also offer coconut & almond and avocado & lime but these are not at all widely available.
Vitalite offer two non-hydrogonated, vegan spreads in sunflower and coconut, widely available in most supermarkets. One of the cheapest ones out there and versatile.
Love this spread and it's almost healthy!
This one tastes really nice, is great for baking and is available in most supermarkets... win win!
We're loving the Asda free-from spread at 0.85p per pack!
Really liking the new free-from chilled range at M&S! This is a tasty spread... recommend.
Now this definitely isn't one to spread on your toast but it is amazing for baking. It's also good for pastry and vegan butter icing! Handy as it's available in nearly all supermarkets.

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If you'd like a paper copy, please order it here.


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