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Nanny State: Action for Goats

Go vegan! The best way to help goats - and any farmed animal - is to stop consuming their meat and milk. It is easy to go veggie - and even better vegan! Viva!Health is here to help. Check out hundreds of cruelty-free recipes at our Vegan Recipe Club.

Join us! We can only carry out undercover investigations and expose animal suffering with your help. Please join Viva! today and donate towards our lifesaving campaigns.

End kid mutilations! ​Sadly, many farmed animals are mutilated on Britain's large scale farms. It is almost always done to facilitate production of meat and dairy. Piglets have their talks cut off and back teeth clipped; lambs also have their tails amputated; and many chicks have the tips of their beaks cut off. Usually it is all done without anaesthetic. It is no exception with goats. Many baby kids suffer painful mutilations, too. We know because we've filmed it. As long as there's demand for goat products, goats will continue to suffer. Help us educate people about the reality of goat farming. Order our goat leaflets and spread the word!

Painful mutilations of baby goats

Viva! investigates: end painful mutilations of baby animals. Write to the Government today!


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If you'd like a paper copy, please order it here.


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