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Cows produce milk to feed their babies – just like humans. It flows for the best part of a year and then stops. More milk requires more babies which are removed from their mothers a day after birth. That’s the more visible reality of dairy farming but there's much more to know and be aware of.That's why we created this website - to educate people about the reality of dairy farming, the impacts of dairy consmption of human health and the environmental aspects of dairy farming.

Only humans drink milk after weaning – and milk from a different species at that. It’s no more natural than drinking badger’s milk or cat’s milk. Designed for calves, many humans cannot digest cow's milk and the result is intolerances and even allergies. Hormones in milk are linked to ovarian, breast and prostate cancer, as well as juvenile-onset (type 1) diabetes. The saturated fat, cholesterol and animal protein it contains are linked to many other diseases.

The modern dairy cow is bred to produce ten times more milk than her calf would drink – an enormous physical burden which takes its toll on her body. 

Despite relentless claims by the dairy industry, milk is neither the only nor the best source of calcium and has little effect on bone strength. Broccoli, spinach, cabbage, watercress, nuts, seeds, soya and other plant foods are better and healthier sources.

About Viva!

Eating meat; fish and dairy causes environmental destruction, damages human health, contributes to global hunger and inflicts immense suffering on billions of animals across the world.

Vegans International Voice for Animals - Viva! - is a registered charity and believes that the solution to all these problems is in our own hands: the best way to stop the destruction and the cruelty is to stop eating animals now – go vegan.

Through dynamic campaigns, solid research, undercover exposés and effective media skills we have brought the reality of modern farming into people's living rooms. We have enlightened millions, shocked most and changed the diets of many. You can help with these successes.

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About Viva!Health

Viva!Health is a branch of Viva!. It was set up to monitor and explain the increasing amount of scientific research linking diet to health – providing accurate information on which to make informed choices.

Viva!Health regularly communicates this information to the public, health professionals, schools and food manufacturers.

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How to build healthy bones and what really matters in the prevention of osteoporosis.

This guide will provide you with all the theoretical and practical information on healthy bones you need.


A handy fact sheet summarising everything you need to know about calcium and your diet.

If you'd like a paper copy, please order it here.

If you'd like a paper copy, please order it here.


This report combines the findings of over 400 scientific papers from reputable peer-reviewed journals such as the British Medical Journal and the Lancet.