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We have produced some fantastic materials which you can get your hands on - either to read up on the issues surrounding dairy or for information you can hand around to your friends and family (or the public!). Read below or order at

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The Dark Side of Dairy 

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The Dark Side of Dairy lifts the lid on modern dairy farming, shattering its benign image and exposing the immeasurable mental and physical suffering inflicted on millions of cows and their calves every year. Fully referenced and full colour, the report is an easily digestible and informative overview of Britain’s dairy farming industry.


White Lies 2014

This report combines the findings of over 400 scientific papers from reputable peer-reviewed journals such as the British Medical Journal and the Lancet. The research is clear – the consumption of cow’s milk and dairy products is linked to the development of teenage acne, allergies, arthritis, some cancers, colic, constipation, coronary heart disease, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, dementia, ear infection, food poisoning, gallstones, kidney disease, migraine, autoimmune conditions, including multiple sclerosis, overweight, obesity and osteoporosis.


Break Free

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How to build healthy bones and what really matters in the prevention of osteoporosis. A groundbreaking scientific report.




The Kids Are Not Alright

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The Welfare of Dairy Goats and Human Health Consequences of Consuming Goats' Milk.

Think that goats' milk is the healthier and kinder alternative to cows' milk? Think again. Viva!'s new fully referenced report blows the lid of this rapidly intensifying industry.


One in Nine

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This fully-referenced scientific report from Viva! Health (formerly VVF) explains how breast cancer cases are continuing to rise and looks at how diet affects your risk of what has become a major killer in the West. The title, One in Nine, refers to the number of women in the UK who will get breast cancer in their lifetime! Find out how red meat and dairy are linked to breast cancer and how you can protect yourself with a diet rich in plant-based foods.


The Big-D report

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The Big-D: Defeating Diabetes through Diet is a unique report on the role diet plays in the development and treatment of diabetes. Both diabetes types - 1 and 2 - can be significantly improved through diet. While type 2 can be reversed, type 1 can be managed to an extent where the need for medication is reduced to minimum. The report also looks at the role of milk in the development of type 1 (juvenile onset) diabetes.

Fact sheets

The Dark Side of Dairy (online only)

Brand new fact sheet summarising basic facts about the dairy industry.




Boning up on Calcium fact sheet

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This fact sheet explains how calcium from cows' milk can harm and why plant calcium is best.



White Lies fact sheet

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This fact sheet summarises the main findings of the substantial White Lies report. Easy-to-read and straight to the point – find out why dairy is so harmful to health.





Everyone's Going Dairy-Free

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Discover the delights of dairy free cuisine with our new step-by-step guide. Informative and easy-to-read, it includes 20 mouthwatering dairy free recipes as well as helpful shopping and cooking tips.


Why You Don't Need Dairy

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This guide covers the impact of milk on our health and explains its connections to ‘Western diseases’ from cancers and heart disease to osteoporosis and acne; talks about the disturbing truth about the life of dairy cows and calves and tells you where to get calcium and all the nutrients you need on a dairy-free diet.


Easy to be Dairy Free

Pocket-sized shopping advice for new vegans and information on why dairy damages health.




L-Plate Vegan

This pocket-size guide to animal-free shopping explains how vegan food is amazing, it saves animals and the environment – and it’s good for your health too. It’s never been easier. Meat-free and free-from food sales are worth £1 billion pa in the UK. Vegan products are an important part of this market! Exclusive features include quick fix easy meal ideas from each high street supermarket.

Top Twenty best vegan product lists for each of nine major chains! Also covered are independents – on the street or online. Eating out – ideas when you’re on the go. Product-based search – from food to face cream! Health matters – simple tips and info on hidden nasties – what to avoid, food/cookery queries – expert help and lots more!

Break Free guide

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This guide will provide you with all the theoretical and practical information on healthy bones you need. Written in a very easy to read way it explains what the key players in bone health are and how you can achieve healthy bones at any age, even if your bone health is already compromised. Suitable for parents wanting to ensure their children will grow up big and strong and people suffering from osteoporosis (or osteopenia) alike, this guide has sections on bone-healthy eating for each group and offers a menu planner.


A Fighting Chance

This easy-to-read colourful guide summarises the key findings of the Viva! Health’s scientific report on breast cancer and provides vital information on which foods can help fight cancer. Also includes a seven-day meal plan with inspiring healthy recipes including Tortilla Wraps with Mango Salsa, Quinoa Superbowl salad and the fabulous Summer Berry Compote.


The Big-D: defeating diabetes with the D-Diet

This easy-to-read guide summarises the key findings of the scientific report above on diabetes and compliments it with a seven-day meal plan, recipes and practical shopping tips. Learn the secrets of the only diet that can reverse diabetes or minimise your chances of developing it. Includes deliciously easy recipes from healthy snacks - Smoky Bean and Broccoli Pate to heart-warming mains - Butternut Squash with Garlic Thyme Aduki Beans.


Cut Out the Middleman A4

A4 sized poster of Viva!’s new billboard, which is sure to turn heads, features a well-dressed businessman suckling straight from a cow under the slogan ‘Cut Out the Middleman. Milk – still think it’s natural?’



Britain's Hardest Working Mother A2

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to highlight the suffering of the poor overworked dairy cow and her calves. By leafleting on your local high street on the day, when the streets are throbbing with shoppers, you'll alert hundreds of people to the misery behind every pint of milk. Our eye-catching poster are sure to grab the attention of even the most tunnel-visioned shoppers.



Missing poster

Missing A4

A4 sized poster to alert consumers to the seedy kidnapping ring behind every pint of milk. The eye-catching posters, featuring the picture of a newborn calf under the heading ‘MISSING’.





Dairy-free Pocket Rocket

Viva!'s brand NEW, handy mini guide (smaller than a business card) explaining why we don’t need dairy and how to be dairy-free. 

Full of practical information, tips and tricks, it doesn’t leave anything out!


The Dark Side of Dairy

Alert others to the secret suffering of dairy cows with our full colour leaflet The Dark Side of Dairy. Perfect to distribute to friends, family and colleagues or to put on display, it sheds new light on the life of the modern dairy cow and shows why the ‘white’ stuff isn’t the right stuff!


Britain's Hardest Working Mothers


This leaflet reminds people where milk comes from and that dairy cows are the hardest working mothers - producing unnaturally large amounts of milk whilst growing a calf inside.

Death by Chocolate (Cadbury)

Our new leaflet, detailing the horror we found during recent investigations on farms supplying confectionery giant Cadbury. Details the grueling cycle of pregnancy and lactation forced upon dairy cows, and of the shooting of 'useless' male calves. Great catch all leaflet to let people know the dangers of the dairy industry!


Milk Gotta Lotta Grot leaflet

New Viva! leaflet highlighting the cruelty of the dairy industry and the unhealthy effects of drinking cow's milk.




Mothers Want Tehir Babies Back leaflet front

Mothers Want Their Babies Back

Great for using around Mother's Day to highlight the problem, but suitable for use all year round. This leaflet details the cruel cycle of impregnation and separation that dairy cows are forced into just to put milk on the shelves.




Goats' Milk...don't be fooled

This great little leaflet will dispel the myths that goats' milk is more humane and healthier than cows' milk, and details the commonplace cruelties of the goat milk industry.



Cut Out the middleman postcard

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Postcard featuring a well-dressed businessman suckling straight from a cow under the slogan ‘Cut Out the Middleman. Milk – still think it’s natural?'