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End kid mutilations! ​Sadly, many farmed animals are mutilated on Britain's large scale farms. It is almost always done to facilitate production of meat and dairy. Piglets have their talks cut off and back teeth clipped; lambs also have their tails amputated; and many chicks have the tips of their beaks cut off. Usually it is all done without anaesthetic. It is no exception with goats. Many baby kids suffer painful mutilations, too. We know because we've filmed it.

Painful mutilations of baby goats

Viva! investigates: end painful mutilations of baby animals. Write to the Government today!

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James Paice, Minister for Animal Welfare, Defra
​Nobel House, 17 Smith Square, London SW1P 3JR


Dear Mr Paice

I was shocked to hear that many kid goats on Britain's dairy farms are now being routinely mutilated - and often without any pain control.

Although I am not aware of any specific research into the mutilations of goats, I know that research has been done into such procedures in piglets and lambs. The FAWC (Farm Animal Welfare Council) said in their March 2011 report that: "Mutilations involve handling stress, acute pain (short term, arising from tissue damage during the procedure) and the possibility of chronic pain (longer term, arising from nerve damage)". It seems reasonable to think that the situation would be the same in goats.

Undercover footage from Viva! shows male goats raised for meat being castrated using the rubber ring method. The kid goats struggle and appear to be in significant pain throughout the procedure - yet no pain relief was used. Viva! also filmed kid goats being disbudded without anaesthetic.

It is a sad indictment of modern intensive farming methods that these mutilations are so prevalent. It is also a damning indictment of Government failure to protect animal welfare  that the situation is as it is.

Please tell me what the Government is planning to do the help end the mutilation of Britain's kid goats.

Yours sincerely,